Así fue cómo añadí 1000 calorías a mis comidas y no engordé

Gracias a una alimentación sana y equilibrada, lejos de engordar, Madalin Giorgetta, logró obtener un cuerpo tonificado y saludable.

Madalin Giorgetta, una australiana de 27 años, mantuvo durante mucho tiempo una estricta dieta donde sólo consumía 800 calorías diarias, pero se dio cuenta que su alimentación no era sana, ya que una persona de sus características necesita al menos 1.200 calorías.

Preocupada por esta situación, se contactó con su entrenador y nutricionista, quien le recomendó incluir proteínas y aumentar el consumo de carbohidratos en sus comidas. “Cuando me sugirió esta nueva dieta, pensé que iba a engordar”, confiesa en su cuenta de Instagram.

Con este régimen, aumento mil calorías a su alimentación. “Fue difícil aumentar el tamaño de mis comidas. Tardé mucho en terminar de comer los primeros días”, explica.

Fue en ese momento cuando ocurrió lo inesperado: la joven no engordó, de hecho, mantuvo sus 52 kilos y logró que su físico se tonificara mucho más gracias a su buena alimentación y a sus rutinas de ejercicios diarios.

Whenever I would start any diet or form of exercise, I would always be starting with one aim and one aim only: get below 50 kilos. Whenever I found myself sitting above 50 kilos on the scale I would get on a diet until I reached my goal of 49.9 kilos or whatever and then have a hurrah moment ??and go back to eating what I usually ate ? It was a cycle that had to stop ? So of course, when I started #BBG in January this year, my goal was to get down from 52 kilos to 49 point whatever. Every week I would weigh myself and every week the scale would stay the same. I started to feel really disheartened ? The numbers on the scale had always been how I assessed my progress, and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong ?That’s when I started to realise the changes in my body through doing these transformation photos, and how the numbers on the scale don’t mean a thing! So #screwthescale and keep taking those photos ? The best motivation for me is looking how far I’ve come, let your own progress be your own motivation ??

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Let’s just preface this by saying no, I did not have an ED. When I was eating 800 calories a day, I thought I was healthy. I was eating healthy food, but hardly any macronutrients. I was curious to find out what my macros were like before I actually started counting my macros, so I entered my old foods into @myfitnesspal to find out. I was quiet astonished to see how little protein and carbs I was eating. 800 calories seems absurdly low as now I need minimum 1500 calories to be full, but at the time 800 calories was keeping me full because that’s what my body was used to. After a while though, salad simply wasn’t cutting it, and for all the restrictions I was placing on my diet, I simply wasn’t seeing the results I had anticipated. So I got in touch with a PT and nutritional coach and got my macros sorted. When he first told me to eat 50% carbs I nearly died! I was eating about 10% carbs before and could not fathom how 50% carbs would not make me fat. I also freaked out at all the calories. I’ve been keeping an excel spreadsheet and in the first week of being on macros my average calories for the week was a little over 1000. I remember how hard I struggled to actually eat the size of my meals. I would just put my lunch next to my desk and eat it over the course of 3 hours as I couldn’t eat it in one sitting! Now my stomach can take way more and is much happier! In the second week I was averaging 1600 calories a day! It didn’t take long for my body to catch up. A part of me may always have that mindset that relates not eating with weight loss and “being good today”. Sometimes I may forget to eat lunch just because I got busy and for a second I will revert back to old thinking, and think “ohh, I’ve done really well today and haven’t eaten much at all.” That’s why I love tracking my macros. It will tell me “Maddy, you need to eat more. Go eat 3 potatoes”. And I’ll pat myself on the back for being healthy and doing really good today! If you’re under feeding yourself in an effort to lose weight, don’t do what I did for so long. Don’t waste your time eating salad when you could be eating sweet potatoes and banana pancakes. Eat more and get fit. It actually works ??

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Nothing like watching baby back muscles grow ??? I’ve had heaps of questions about my workout routine since one of my posts was picked up online ? I’m a #bbggirl and total #Kaylafangirl ?? I use the #sweatwithKayla app and am in my 28th week. I’ve never been to a Kayla event and am now dying to go and scramble and yell like a banshee for a drink bottle ? I’ve completed BBG 1.0 twice and am currently doing BBG 2.0. and I freaking love it ? I do the circuits 3 times a week, abs, arms and legs for 28 minutes each. I do HIIT on the treadmill, 25 seconds rest, 35 second sprint for 15 minutes once a week⚡️For my LISS days I do Bikram yoga or I’ll go for a walk/incline treadmill, I do this 3-4 times a week ? Any other BBG related questions? Ask below! ?

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Por este motivo, decidió compartir esta experiencia en su cuenta de Instagram con sus más de 67 mil seguidores, donde además entrega consejos de nutrición y sube videos de sus rutinas de ejercicios.

I was raised by an Italian mama ? So I am used to eating very well, but not cooking very well! Most of the food I cook for myself is pretty basic, so when I started ordering these fresh meals (not frozen!) from @youfoodz I was stoked to have a healthy, delicious and easy alternative??I’ll have you know, I’m very talented at heating food up ? So many of the meals are low fat/high carb, perfect for my macros? So far my favourite has been the homemade fish and chips ?? ( GF super-seeded fish and sweet potato fries, umm yum!) but I also love the chicken dishes ? I’ve tried. It makes life so much easier when you don’t have to worry about food shopping and meal prep ? I’m already looking forward to dinner ? #youfoodz #youllnevereatfrozenagain #youfoodzpiration P.S excuse state of hair ? #Bikramproblems

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“No pierdas tiempo comiendo solo ensaladas cuando también puedes consumir papas y dulces. Solo basta con comer saludable y hacer ejercicio para tener un buen cuerpo”, admite.

Luego de este cambio, Madalin afirma que se siente más energizada que antes a la hora de hacer ejercicios, e incluso, su estado anímico está mucho mejor.

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