La sincera carta de una chica a su trasero imperfecto que se volvió viral en la web

Victoria D’Ariano es una entrenadora fitness canadiense que decidió compartir su inseguridad con el mundo.

Hay personas a las que todo el resto del mundo mira con ojos de admiración (o envidia en algunos casos), porque creen que son perfectos. Pero en realidad, eso pocas veces se condice con la realidad, pues en el fondo cada ser esconde algún complejo que los demás no ven.

Victoria D’Ariano es un claro ejemplo. Cualquier persona podría pensar que es una chica perfecta, sobre todo por su trabajada anatomía, pero ella demostró que también esconde una imperfección que la ha acomplejado casi toda su vida.

What are your goals? What are my goals? I thought about this today and decided I need to make some new goals for myself. All of my goals that I have had for the past few years were about my physique: wanting bigger delts, better abs, nicer legs and always wanting to be leaner. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having these goals but for me personally I am ready to focus on different things. Note that I will be still working on my physique but because I enjoy training and staying in shape. However this goal is about me, but not on an exterior level but focused on the inner core. This goal has nothing to do with achieving a certain physique but instead to really learn who I am, not just touching the surface, but deeply. I want to acknowledge the internal parts of myself I am not happy with or know could be better and work on improving these areas. I want to deal with any emotional loose ends that I may have, ones that I have never wanted to deal with and pushed away from years on end. I want to be a more positive, loving, kinder, happier, and a more present person. I want to learn how to always see the positives in all life situations, no matter how rough they may be. I want to be someone who radiates positive energy and I know that starts with me. After reflecting on myself lately I am happy with who I am but know there is so many areas I can improve on. I know that the more work I put into myself the happier and more fulfilling my life will be. That is the ultimate goal right now.

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Ella es una entrenadora fitness canadiense, que a pesar de lucir espectacular, ha tenido que aguantar un defecto en su anatomía: tiene un hoyuelo en su trasero, una marca la acompaña desde que tenía 15 años, recoge The Huffington Post.

Ahora, a los 24 años, le escribió una carta a esa parte de su cuerpo y que publicó en su cuenta de Instagram: “Me has quitado la alegría, me has causado mucho estrés, me has hecho insegura y te has llevado mi confianza. Nunca me sentía en forma porque tú siempre estabas ahí”, escribió la escultural Victoria.

Moving my hair and not thinking about the “perfect” angle. Standing straight (with a bad case of lordosis) Posing. I took a little break from posting these types of photos because I was afraid it would upset people, afraid to upset different communities. The truth of the matter is that I don’t need to belong to one community or another I can simply be me and just share my journey. Some won’t agree, and I am learning that this is okay. I am sharing my story, MINE. It doesn’t have to meet someone else’s approval or someone else’s guidelines. It doesn’t need to be placed in one group or another. There doesn’t need to be a standard that you feel you must hold yourself up to. It’s not about one picture looking “bad” or another looking good” it’s about showing beauty in someone being okay with themselves. This is about learning that there doesn’t have to be two sides, no reason to label something different as it is just one. It’s not about proving one point over another…or making a point at all. It’s about being real and not having to choose to show just the “societal accepted parts” but ANY parts you want. Remember. You can be anyone you want to be. You might be pushed in a direction of what you are “supposed to be” but it doesn’t mean you have to follow that direction. You can learn to be comfortable as any person in this world…not because someone told you that you can (because this will never happen) but because you gave YOURSELF permission to be. You will not always be someone’s cup of coffee, but remember you are the one who will spend the rest of your life drinking it. And I’m not sure about you, but I want to wake up every morning enjoying the cup of coffee I drink. #couragetobeyou

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“Querido hoyuelo del trasero, recuerdo el primer día que apareciste. Tenía 15 años. Desde entonces has tenido un impacto tremendamente negativo en mi vida. Desde entonces me has hecho sentir inferior. No sólo me has hecho sentir gorda, sino además inútil. Siempre has tenido un impacto en la ropa que elegía ponerme”, reconoció en el posteo.

La publicación de la canadiense se viralizó rápidamente por las redes sociales, ya supera los 8.500 likes y le ha valido cientos de comentarios de apoyo en su cuenta de Instagram.

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